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Game Day. We look forward to it all week long. We rally around this event steeped in ritual, superstition and tradition. It's a passionate experience that penetrates deep into our souls; the sheer bliss of victory and the hollow emptiness of defeat. As fans we understand the importance of the game day experience. Everything we do is dedicated to enhancing these memories. That's why we craft our products with the best materials and thoughtful designs. We look forward to building a strong business partnership with you.


John Lee
President NNL Enterprises Inc. d.b.a. JF SPORTS CANADA

Jfsc At A Glance

We connect fans with their team by enhancing the game experience with meaningful products. Whether it's one of our inflatable Stanley Cups, or one of our handcrafted lapel pins, our products keep fans connected to their team from the arena to the boardroom.

Since John Lee established JFSC in 1985, the company has always been focused on the product and what it means to the fan.
This "Boutique Design" philosophy has been the keystone to our success.

Today, the company remains family owned. This means JFSC is driven by a passion and dedication of excellence and customer service that can only be found in a family operated business. We have a strong following of collectors and a sterling reputation as an industry "best in breed" company.

JFSC is based in Ottawa, Ontario and we very proudly ship our products all over the world.

We look to continue building on 30 years as a creative and innovative leader in our industry.
JFSC is poised to continue setting the benchmark for the fan's product experience.